September 5, 2014

Lets get lost... in Paris

Wising all my friends a wonderful weekend in Paris, unfortunately I had to drop out on this one, but I will see you all in October in Amsterdam hopefully!

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Cez said...

did you go finally ?

Anonymous said...

I like the style! Can you please tell me where to buy this pullover?

Thanks a lot!

vosgesparis said...

Please follow the link to the picture under the post to find out where to buy the pullover

Christia said...

Dear vogesparis,

maybe I am to stupid to follow your instruction...;-)?
When I click on to the "2" under the pictures, then I see a new page "" just for bloggers to open with a password...

So the information is just for bloggers? Or do I have to click anything else?

Best regards

vosgesparis said...

@CHristina I have no idea to be honest I see a few brands yes, and a signup form , Why don't you just try to Aply and see what happens
PS Nothing stupid here ;)