November 26, 2014

A white home in Berlin | Fantastic Frank

Have a look at this Seventies apartment, furnished by Fantastic Frank. Located in Berlin, it proves you don't need anything more then a few essential pieces, some design and Scandinavian accessories to create a light and uncluttered studio on 32 square meters only. More on Fantastic Frank.

pictures via Fantastic Frank with thanks


Michael said...

Really great work on 32m2 . And that shiny floor looks interesting ^_^
Very nice pictures =), but it is Fantastic Frank, they always do the best =)
Have a nice day,
Michael / facebook

Paris Decor said...

Oh wow, so refreshing and bright. I would love to live there. It looks very similar to my own decor at home too :) Thanks for sharing xo

shelley street said...

love their lived in, unpretentious easy style!