Industrial gold trend | storyboard & rooms

storyboard by line

Inspiring storyboards and styled rooms from a group of talented people who followed AnoukB’s masterclass in Bergen last month during Bergen designstory#14 Participants were asked to create an industrial gold trend. Quite my cup of tea if you ask me… lots of great and different items in the storyboards, I love that golden cup, and additional word art by I love WRDS in every styled room.

room by line

room by gitte

storyboard by Raghild

room by Raghild
storyboard and room by Kari
storyboard and room by Nina

storyboard and room by Elisabeth Heier-Werner

storyboard and room by Lisa from Room Design

storyboard by Gunn Kristin

room by Anette Brunvatne

pictures by ToveLise Mossestad via Tendens