A fun dinner for 40 and a blogger event

– dutchbone collection –

Nothing better than a dinner with like minded people I’d say! Last month me and fellow bloggers Wendy, Anki and Barbara were invited to host our own table at a dinner organised by Zuiver and Loods5 for 40 women, all working in Interior, and with the idea to discover on how blogs and brands can work together.

Every single blogger had her own table for 10 and it was amazing to see how well stylists of both stores together had captured each others taste and the atmosphere of our blogs. While Wendy’s grey table was decorated overal white with some soft tones,  Zilverblauw’s table was filled with color and BoulevardB’s with lots of natural and wooden elements. My table was a 4 meter long black and sturdy one, filled with lots of black, concrete, candles and some glass elements.

It was a fun night with 4 courses, after each course the group of 10 went over to another table in order to meet all 4 of us. In between we went through the Zuiver & Dutchbone showroom where the dinner found place and listened to an presentation by trend watcher Truus Dokter. Dutchbone is available at Loods5 and other locations.

A few days before the dinner I attended a nice event by Fonq and Zuiver at Fonq headquarters with presentations by Kirsten Jassies about blogging and social media, and Caroline of Zuiver, showing 3 us different trends. 
Scandinavian, using wood,white and blue tones. Copper-mania: mixing copper with different materials such as glas and wood.
For the third trend Caroline showed us some pictures from the Dutchbone collection where everything they love with a story comes together. This collection, in my eyes, really fits the ‘back to nature’ trend we are seeing for some time, where traveling, collecting and crafting take an important place.

We were taken on a little tour through the showroom and a video presentation by Fonq and after a delicious lunch we each tried to capture one of the trends in a still life later on that afternoon… there were only a few minutes and things left, but embracing Scandinavian minimalism I did a speed styling with this small table by Zuiver. 

pictures by zuiver with thanks