Grant & Johnson | Minimalistic yet rich… spectacular yet sober

While visiting the Hallen to make some pictures for a few posts for Amsterdam Next My eye caught the beautiful new Grand & Johnson store. Sometimes when seeing only a glimpse of a store my heart can make a jump! knowing I found something that is so close to my taste, and I have to go in!

The Grand & Johnson store is a long-cherished dream of two designers who will use the store as the home base for their design studio, where they will work on unique interior design projects. It will also be a store for their own designs, and custom-made baths, cupboards and dressers.

Many special and unique items from around the world, found in places like Japan, Canada and Denmark are displayed in the beautiful store, perfectly in balance with the raw elements of the original building. I guess the quote on their website says it all if you know me for some time:”It is when all that is unnecessary is missing that one discovers perfection.”

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pictures © Amsterdam Next | Vosgesparis