i29 interior architects | Single-family apartment in Amsterdam

Awarded i29 interior architects designed this family apartment in Amsterdam. The thing with those pretty perfect places is that each time I post a home like this on the blog, I don’t feel like exactly copying but it feeds my imagination with ideas on things I could do in my own home. 

 My home is situated at the corner of a building, it has a square block in the middle where some cupboards and the bathroom is build in. You can have a look at it from 3 sides and I often think of covering the walls with wood or another material, making the block stand out, this home certainly shows how it could look like.


i29 believes in simplicity and contradiction. The result of being selective is that you have to push each choice to the limit. It also provides a field of tension, and energy to a space. But more importantly it leaves you with a charismatic environment. i29 stands for a work ethic that leads to design solutions dependent neither on expensive materials nor on technical show.