An Industrial Garage loft | by BRICKS Amsterdam

Strange how in one week you can come across a name twice and then when cleaning out your mailbox coming across a mail talking exactly about them! I am talking about BRICKS Amsterdam here, interior architects and designers. And the architects office who is responsible for the design of this Amsterdam home.

BRICKS tend to do complete projects, from design to every other aspect, allowing the client to move into a completed home! I was really impressed by every detail and the use of different materials in this old garage BRICKS converted into an amazing place.

After several years of experience as a designer for the renowned Kelly Hoppen, James van der Velden set up shop in Amsterdam in 2010. BRICKS Amsterdam emanates the perfect blend of his artistic upbringing and his love for design, resulting in a distinct style. By combining classical elements with a broad contemporary approach, it can be described as ‘Timeless Eclecticism’.

pictures ©BRICKS Amsterdam