March 3, 2015

From boring to interesting | Bathroom ideas

It might be the fact I am not that happy with my own bathroom at the moment that I am looking a lot at bathroom pictures. Although I have a cabinet for towels and 3 smaller ones giving me enough space to hide away the things I don't need to see every day, I am missing a bit of a waugh factor that I do see in other spaces of my home. I am bored with the simple old tiles and would love to replace the sink.

I think you should never make concessions when decorating your home and I am pretty sure that some day I will bump into that item or get an idea that will give my own bathroom that wow factor I am looking for. Therefor whenever I get myself to Ikea, I skip the bathroom section as I am sure I won't find anything there that will give my bathroom a boost in the direction I am looking for.

These bathroom pictures though,  gave me another look on the Hemnes shelving unitMost of the time I find them really boring, a bit for students and people who just need a bathroom unit and go for something affordable. The pictures are giving me a whole new look at it and all because of the great styling and photography. I especially like the combination with the beautiful shiny metro tiles and the older items, like the glassware and the wooden crates, which make the total picture more interesting then at the bathroom department at Ikea where only Ikea items are used. Try to click on the link and have a look at the pictures there and you will know what I mean with the styling!

pictures via Ikea and Photographer Marcus Lawett | Styling Hans Blomqvist


Louise - 30s Magazine said...

mooie badkamer zeg! Inderdaad wat jij ook zegt, ik vind de ikea kasten meestal niks, maar als ik het zo zie is het best wel chic.

Insatsrör said...

Combination of black and white looks amazing in this bath interior! But it needs much space I think)

byLinn said...

The styling is great! And I´m a bit surprised i like it so much. Never looked twice at bathroom interior from IKEA before.

Paris Rendez-vous and Beyond said...

Ikea? Looks wonderful......nothing better than black and white! Throw in some beautiful brass hooks and pulls.....WOW!


Fahad Abbasi said...

nice article.

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