March 26, 2015


Hope you are enjoying our giveaways so far. Today I love to introduce you to WRDSThe concept, founded in 2014 by two sisters from Amsterdam, is a combination of design, music and words. All things I personally love and could not live without! 

I asked the sisters..where is WRDS about....
"Together we create unique designs with positive 
song quotes of international bands and singer-songwriters. The designs consist of text creations and photos that fit the song quote, which we print on special materials like hard foam and brushed aluminium. We call them Artwrds; art with a message, that bring a positive vibe into an interior. Although every Artwrd is a one of kind, we do have a scandinavian look & feel"

In the wrdsshop, they offer a collection Artwrds with more than 20 different song quote designs, a de luxe version on aluminium and several postcards Words, music & designs are very personal, that’s why they also enjoy designing custom-made Artwrds.

I personally find it really hard to choose my favourite Artwrds, not only is their art work amazing and really my style, also the photography with their products is amazing!

For this giveaway we give one Vosgesparis reader the chance to 
win their own Artwrds design. Surf to the Artwrds gallery and let us know your top choice(s)!

Leave your personal choice in a comment in this post... and as always leave a contact email or your blog address. We will announce a winner in about a week... and don't forget to have a look at our previous giveaways, you can still join those too! 

Congratulations to Incognito!

picture 4 © WRDS | All other pictures Photography Simone van Rees | Styling AnoukB  


Charlotte said...

These are amazing - and you're so right, it really is hard to choose between them. But here is my top 5:

Let's give in to LOVE

Keep your head up

Forever young - white background

Stop, look and wonder


Egle said...

Oh, I love WRDS! And it IS so hard to choose but my top 5 would look like this:

Lonneke Idema said...

1. 'Hold on. Hold on vast. Take these moment, try to make them last.'
2. 'No one moves from fearing so I better take the jump.' The version with the shoes on it.
3. 'The only way is up'
4. 'Keep your head up, keep your heart strong.'
5. 'Dance and dice for dusk or dawn.'

This are the ones I love most. I also picked some from their official site. I would love to win this!!

Anese ( said...

Let's give it a try for these cool items!

My favourites are:
The only way is up
Keep your head up, keep your heart strong.
Let's give in to love.
Turn me on.
Stop wonder & look.

sveta_goryun said...

Toss me a dream
Stop, look & wonder
Say hello
I like you
Everybody’s free to feel good

Sveta Goryun

incognito said...

hard to decide on just 5, all are delightful :) my 5 are:

INspira Zie said...

I like "I Like You" :)

Felicity Smith said...

I love the "keep your head up" one

Carla said...

Wow, stunning pictures! So my Top 5 are: 1.everybodys free to feel good, 2.hold on, 3.let's give in to love, 4.forever Young, 5.toss me a dream - but they're all beautiful!

Lucie Jandlov√° said...

1. Off day
2. Jump
3. Everybody’s free to feel good
4. I like you
5. Hold on
.. but they are all awesome..

Annemarie said...

Wat een feestje, al die give aways van jou! Nu weer van die mooie zwart/wit posters.
Mijn top 5:
1. Toss me a dream (perfect voor de kamer van mijn dochter die graag modeontwerpster wil worden)
2. Stop look & wonder (dat zouden we vaker moeten doen)
3. I like you (simple but true)
4. Let's give in to love
5. You got me
Ik hoop op de eerste, ter inspiratie voor mijn lieve meid die zo hard werkt voor haar droom.

come-moda said...

Super mooie site heb je. Congrats met je 7jarig jubileum

Michael said...

Fantastic!! I love it.we have some posters at home but new are always welcomed ^_^

I like most these:
- Let's call it an OFFDAY
- Turn me ON
- Let's give in to LOVE
- Toss me a DREAM

Thank you for this chance,

Huub Ricardo said...

Alsnog gefeliciteert. Dat is een prestatie!! En superleuke giveaway. My top 5:
1. Forever young
2. No one moves from fearing so, i better take the jump
3. The only way is up
4. Lets call it an offday
5. Turn me on

Hope i win :)

Natly K. said...

aww! this is so cool
I attended all giveaways so far and I hope I will win something <3
those motivational pictures are sooo cute!
I love those:
-the one that says 'I like you'
- 'hold on, hold on to vast.....'
- 'the only way is up'
- 'everybody's free to feel good'
- 'let it B'
I think everybody needs those reminders to see them daily in bad or good moments - mind is powerful and should be surrounded by happiness

Magda lena said...

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -

my email:

HouseNo18 said...

Everybody is free to feel GOOD! Zo waar en daarom is deze quote mijn absolute favoriet. De tekst met of zonder de afbeelding erbij dat is mijn top 2. Ze zijn beide prachtig!


Kickcan & Conkers said...

These are all ace ( why have I only just discovered them???)!
Hard to pick two but I would go for :
Let's give into LOVE and Keep your head up -

Pauline said...

Hard to choose, but I love : keep your head up and off day

Anonymous said...
is my favorite!

Agata Seredyn said...

What a beautiful giveaway!
My favourite are :
1/ Everybody's Free to feel GOOD
2/ Let's give in to LOVE

Thank you for the chance.

Chantal Helmus Boomandyoyo said...

1. Let's give in to love - so i can use iT as a mantra when there is trouble in THE house...
2. Everybody's free to feel good - for my daughter cause she always does what she lloves to do, even when other children make fun of her!
3. Toss me à dream - to stimulate my puberal son...
4. The only way is up - so i can look at it when i am à bit insecure...
5. Keep your head up - for my sweet dog, so he learns how to behave when other dogs don't wanna play with him... Congrats!

louly said...

Not easy...

Let's give in to love... I really like the design of this one

The only way is up... For when you're down

Let's live live live it all out

Jane said...

Toss me a dream.........resonates strongly with me!

Asia said...

It was way too hard to choose because all of them are really good looking. I'm a type of person that loves to hear from time to time a good positive thought to keep going so I chose those that put a smile on my face.

my e-mail is

Anya Jensen said...

Oh I absolutely love this brand - hard to pick favourites - but I'd go for : Lets give in to LOVE,
Keep your head up, keep your heart strong, Forever young and the only way is up.
Awsome :)

Fingers XXX

mariaatje555 said...

another great giveaway!! very hard to choose, but these would be my top:

1. i like you
2. let's give in to love
3. everybody's free to feel good
4. got me good

emailaddress: (still, hahaha)...

Anneke said...

Oh wat gaaf. Ik ben al een tijdje verliefd op de Hold on print. Maar met de komst van Everybody free to feel Good begin ik te twijfelen welke ik het mooist vind....
Fingers crossed... Zou zo mooi staan op mijn net geverfde muur in de woonkamer...

Anneke said...
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Lisa said...

Thanks for the introduction, cool brand. Would love forever young in black.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful posters! I especially like the signing at the bottom of each poster: simple, clever and whitty.
My favourite posters are (I can't really put them in an order of liking):
.so much love
.hold on
.let's give in to love
.off day
.I like you

Maria (

Tuia said...

I like all of them! Some favourites are:
Let's call it an offday
Keep your head up and heart strong
Let's give in to love

Kat said...

I love..

Keep your head up. Keep your heart strong

a real mantra for me xx

katch05 at gmail dot com

katja said...

My favourite is Toss me a dream.

Michela said...

Hi! Great Giveaway...
This is my favorite:

Ciao Michela

Anonymous said...

really hard ro choose an only one.. beautiful posters
my favourites:
1 -
3 -

tomorrow I might choose another one according to my mood:-)
really nice

cassandra said...

You can't choose just one here.. so I'll try and narrow it down