Hope you enjoyed this week of Celebrations… and please remember you may join all 7 giveaway’s! Lets finish with Ay Illuminate! A brand I have been talking about many times and that you probably will know best for their amazing Lamp collection

Ay Illuminate is the name behind the creative trio of Ay Lin, Nelson Sepulveda and Marc Eden Schooley. Together they travel around the world to find inspiration, translating this in beautiful design products with a natural feeling. Most of their work has a natural look and is made out of natural materials by local craftsmen.

Be it eye-catching lights made from bamboo or hand woven sisal pillows, the designers of Ay illuminate always work with what they find in nature and cultures around the world. In close cooperation with artisans in Asia and Africa they explore the natural materials and traditional skills at hand. This results in contemporary, organically shaped designs, created by local techniques in natural materials. Ay illuminate’s products celebrate the unique beauty of traditional handicrafts around the globe. 

7 Pieces giveaway
Today’s giveaway probably has one of the best names to celebrate 7 years Vosgesparis…  Designed by Nelson Sepulveda and handmade in Tunisia this matt black pottery is one of the eye catchers in my home. I love the look and feel and am really happy to be able to let you experience this beautiful ceramics.

We are giving away 7 pieces, consisting of a large black ceramic tray, 3 medium bowls and 3 small bowls…simply leave a comment in this post and we will announce a winner next week.

Congratulations to Jane Hooper you won this giveaway

photography ©vosgesparis