Inspiration for your hallway | New Styling ideas by Pella & Marie

Like I showed last week, doing something different with a piece of furniture of which thousands alike are found in many homes, big change if you buy an IKEA cabinet like the one in this post, really can make the difference! 

The Liatorp cabinet used by Pella and Marie, published in an interview with her on Livit Hemma has undergo an easy makeover with a strong impact. Although when asked what Spring 2015 would bring interior wise, Pella talks about Spring’s bright shades of gray combined with powdery pink and beige tones, I am glad she used some good old black! paint to give this cabinet a vintage look for the overall modern interior she and Marie styled in this home. Find the instructions on Livet Hemma.

The black on gray reminds me again on how cool this looked in my own home some years ago when I had a large dark gray wall in my living with small black cd cabinets with the same glaze doors…. I tried to find a picture from the time I wrote about it for the UK version of IKEA Family live but the links are kinda messed up because IKEA changed their Family live website some years ago.

Styling Pella Hedeby and Marie Ramse | photographer Kristofer Johnsson | IKEA Livet Hemma