Icelandic jewellery & ceramic | Meeting with the president of Iceland

With this last blogpost I am closing my Iceland trip, I fell in love with this country and hope to come back for next year’s DesignMarch or maybe even earlier and experience this magical country during Summer! To find out more about Iceland design and designers, you can find all blogposts under the hashtag #designmarch 

After the Saturday morning storm we had our first appointment at the workshop of Orrifinn and a short visit at Aurum, the shop for Icelandic jewellery brands like Hring efter Hring , they are proud of being an Icelandic brand and recently did an Icelandic photo shoot to show their origin, I must say the first picture is my favourite.

Their work was also showcased at Epal, Reykjavik’s main store for Scandinavian design, including our Design bloggers United KOTO candle. For DesignMarch several Icelandic designers presented their work at Epal.

Hring efter Hring

bybibi introduced their new plate Stefnir, created exclusively in porcelain, marble, and Icelandic wood, lava and stone Stefnir can be mixed and matched to create a dramatic center piece.

Next stop was a reception at the presidential residence of Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, the president of Iceland, who welcomed us all with a handshake, a great speech and drink and bites… drinks also at night when visiting the street party where several bands performed and designers, architects met in the art museum courtyard.
picture 1-2 by Íris Dögg Einarsdóttir 3-7-8 by vosgesparis 4-5 by Postulina 6 bybibbi
Find all blogposts about my Iceland trip and Icelandic design and designers under the hashtag #designmarch