May 13, 2015

Back to Black with Hans Blomquist

I recently showed you the work of photograper Johan Sellen in a former post about this amazing Raw industrial apartment in Sweden For this home he teamed up with Swedish stylist and author Hans Blomquist while styling and shooting a home that is up for sale. Est magazine showed several versions of the same home just to show how effective the right styling can be when it comes to selling your apartment. follow the link to have a look at the other two!

I am amazed by the dark grey palette and desperately seeking for a bench like this for my kitchen, so if you have an old gymnastic mat laying around let me know I gladly will design the bench coming with it. This picture has been shown before but still I thought it deserved a place on my blog because it is one of those images that are stuck in my mind since the minute I saw it, and who knows it might bring me closer to design a bench like this.

photography Marrcus Lawett | styling Hans Blomquist for Fastighetsbyran


Fiona / A Living Diary said...

Hans always does a great job at styling! I especially love the red berries on the dining table.

Michael said...

This is very nice some flat with lots of natural light it must be amazing.. And I love the styling with linen, wood etc., makes me feel to be closer to the nature ^_^

Thank you for sharing,

bianca wippe said...

I have this picture (first) hung on the wall in my living room... I've painted my wall of a similar color. the day bed... old gymnastic mat? wow!

Jenny - Hemtrender said...

Oh, nice apartment! And nice to meet you at the IKEA event i Milan :)

makhans said...

nice work,great post