Blog birthday presents & a Dyson press event

Last month the ladies at fonQ invited me to an event organised by Dyson, as they wanted to give me one of their latest models as a blog birthday present. Now I’m not usually one to talk about electronic equipment or gadgets… But when I heard the Dyson V6 Fluffy is a cordless vacuum cleaner I couldn’t resist!

The fact is, I can’t stand vacuum cleaners. Dragging around one of those heavy machines with 4 (or more, if you’re lucky) meters of clumsy cables around your house, constantly plugging it in and out when you get to another room – No thanks!

So off we went to try it out, and we actually had a fun afternoon learning about the products! Now I won’t bore you with all the technical specifications but I will tell you this… With this machine being cordless, light weight, and super powerful, vacuum cleaning no longer feels like a chore. Simply plug it in, charge it, and pick it up whenever you want to effortlessly clean your home, or turn it in to a handheld and be done with a focused area in a couple of seconds.
As you can see by the pictures I was kind of distracted by the beautiful studio with its white painted brick walls and even more by the gorgeous little outdoor area – hello patio dream come true! So I was happy to use it as the perfect backdrop to my pictures – thanks for the inspiration! 

photography ©vosgesparis