No.5 by Abstracta | Styled by Lotta Agaton

My first ever modular shelving system after some really affordable ones from my local DIY shop was a Lundia system, we designed it ourselves and I remember it had blue drawers and red doors… it was some sort of a compromise, I liked blue and he liked red. After some years it was banned to the garage and years later, the week after I throw it out I came a cross a wall filled with black painted Lundia shelvings… and I kind of regretted.

The thing is that sometimes you have to see the possibilities of a simple shelving or modular system. In an earlier post: Bathroom dreams in Black & white  I used the cubit system and I loved experimenting with the different sizes. I think the pictures of the N0.5 modular storage system by Abstracta tell exactly what I mean. By showing the system in different settings and with the styling by Lotta Agaton (who still can make me look at pictures just a bit longer) you really get inspired on how to use them in your own home. 

photography © Petra Bindel