Old friends and new shoes at Eindhoven

Last weekend I was at Eindhoven, I love this creative city with their rich industrial past but it is not a city I come very often besides when visiting Dutch design week.  This weekend however I was invited by Intreza to take part in their gambling game during the Schoenen 6 daagse downtown. And I thought it was the right moment to take the train, getting the change to lay my hands on a new pair of sneakers and finally visit my friend Renee and see some more of Eindhoven.

The event couldn’t be missed with the girls in their bright orange sweaters and a massive amount of different shoes lined up. In no time it was very busy and people were trying to win a pair of footwear by throwing large dice, we were very happy to threw the right numbers and get the change to pick up a pair of new sneakers ourselves. 

I posted some pictures of the event on Instagram and Facebook. The rest of the day we spend mostly hanging around Eindhoven, where I found myself drooling over the many industrial buildings, eating, drinking and chatting and hanging out at Renee’s wonderful loft and a visit and some drinks at Piet Hein Eek.

pictures ©vosgesparis