Inspiration with greens at home & Win a Peace Lily

Remember my New Years Resolution it seems like ages ago I promised myself to bring more green into my home. Meanwhile I am slowly working on it and bought a few more plants, mostly succulents and recently a very pretty vern with greyish leaves that perfectly fit the monochrome colours of my home. It feels good, and my small collection of greens is adding a touch of softness to my home that I love.

Like said in my new years resolution I love to see my plants, next to their benefits for a healthier home, as a decoration object and I am always on the look for different ways on how and where to present them in a new way. I recently tried out something new with my industrial table and made a little installation with some plants and small objects that suited the dark atmosphere I was looking for. I started off with three different plants and I think there is place for maybe one or two more small ones…or a bigger table!

Get the look
I went for a group of plants as I think adding plants together in a group is more decorative then just a single one. I combined plants that have different leaf shapes, the large one is the Spathiphyllum or Peace Lily, there is a vern and a small succulent.

Look at the things you already have and love to look at, and choose the objects that fit the atmosphere you want to create with the plants you are using.
I made a combination of different materials to fit the different shades of green and used metal and glass, souvenirs from recent travels .. a skull from Reykjavik and a beautiful lightbulb from London blog tour. 

I can see myself painting my old wooden table black this Spring and creating a large side table for plants, nice photo books and travel objects. I made some different pictures to show the effect of adding a larger or smaller photo on the wall behind the table. And I guess that if you add more plants you can even better play with the different looks and heights.

Greens X Brick walls
Finally to show you another look! I made some pictures with the green Peace Lily in front of an original brick wall and concrete floor… totally different from my own home, but I really love how fresh the green looks against the red brick wall.

Giveaway – get your own Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are easy to propagate by division during repotting but you do not have to wait for that. The Peace Lily is the Houseplant of the month for June and in cooperation with we are giving away a Peace Lily to 5 readers of Vosgesparis.

Simply leave a comment under this post or maybe share your inspiration and ideas on how you use plants in your own home or where you will place the Peace Lily, for others to read!

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