Summer is close | Midori Traveler’s book

Only one more month and most of Holland will be going on vacation… Summer is near and I am really looking forward to it! I will be traveling to Spain this Summer and while most people I know often went to Spain or Ibiza it will be my first time… and I am pretty curious!

Collecting travel memories has always been part of the fun of travelling. My mum never went anywhere without her two camera’s and used to make lots of pictures on family holidays and always let me choose some postcards of places I loved. Back home I used to make photo books of each holiday and I still kind of do the same.

Midori Traveler’s Notebook
I have several small notebooks but recently got my hands on a Midori Traveler’s notebook and I couldn’t be more happier. After several years of use it takes on character and will become even more beautiful. Do you collect travel memorabilia, or do you make notes, and where do you keep them?

I can’t wait to start using the different refills and accessories I added to my own traveler’s notebook and take it with me on my next trip. Are you inspired to make new Summer memories yet, and collect them in your own Traveler’s Notebook?

Get your traveler’s notebook in black, brown or blue here !
Emeco navy chair via Harvest and Company
midori traveler’s notebook available online at Couleur Locale and a new poster by Vleijt bought at designkwartier
Traveler’s notebook in brown with a drawing by Couleur locale on one of their travels

pictures 1-3 ©Vosgesparis 4-5 ©Couleur Locale