June 15, 2015

Temporary Tattoo art by Ylva Skarp

If you traveled around the blogosphere the last few days, you might have noticed these wonderful temporary tattoos ging around designed by the talented Ylva Skarp. You might know here by her striking black and white prints from the early days, I blogged about those here when showing my studio... that seems like ages ago... and here when showing her new collection and ceramics.
Back to the tattoos and the wonderful black and white photography... if you like them, you can get yours here!


Ulrike Schulz said...

This is the first time I see those temporary tattoos & I LOVE THEM! I wanted a tattoo for years but I struggle to find a meaningful one. This is a good opportunity to try it out before making a big decision ;) x

Deborah Sellner said...

I love those temporary tattoos. I have a real tattoo myself and I absolutely fell in love with the design of those temporary tattoos, they seem to me very unique!