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Hello from Spain once more on this very sunny Sunday! I had some great days with our bloggerstour team in Spain on invitation of Red and it’s members. Red design is a non profit platform that promotes the values ​​of good design created in Spain through its brands and products.

Busy days with lots of design, travelling, sun, swimming, meeting designers and brands, wine, party’s and good food. Over the next few weeks I will give you an inside of my view on Spanish design, and being busy with my patio you can expect lots of outdoors design as well. 

BD Barcelona
On Monday we visited the BD Barcelona showroom in Barcelona, BD Barcelona was the first design brand in Spain and recently celebrated its 40th birthday with designer Jaime Hayon who hand-painting 40 different vases.

Its founders and still current owners, who come from an architectural background rather than the business field, have oriented BD’s production from the very start by cultivating beauty, in some cases above function. Accompanied with artisanal processes instead of mass production, the new products always have more proximity to art than industrial design.

Milan 2015

They recently launched their new collections in Milan. And my favourite must be ‘Fang’ (spanish for clay) by Xavier Mañosa consisting of a series of vases and a table, the table top has an inlaid layer of oak, with an either natural varnished finish or a tinted black finish. The interior structure of the legs is made of steel, covered in hand-turned porcelain stoneware with an either natural fine textured finish, and or a black enamel gloss finish. 

 Fang table and vases by Xavier Mañosa

Xavier Mañosa 
Xavier Mañosa is a potter, artist and designer who inherited the artisanal tradition and family workshop and has found his place in contemporary ceramic art, designing pieces with his own characteristics. Fang vases are part of the new collection and made with the same material and deliberately made imperfect to ensure that each one is different.

Earlier that day we visited his workspace where Xavier works with his father for several brands, including their own It was great to actual following the whole process from clay to the pieces as they were presented at the BD Barelona showroom.

gardenias collection outside at the BD Barcelona showroom

Gardenias collection | Milan 2015
Jaime Hayon’s, one of the most recognized Spanish designers, designed the Gardenias Collectionclassic furniture with a contemporary style for outdoors and an indoor, that includes an armchair with new finishes and upholstery. New by his hand is also the Monkey side table made of solid architectural concrete. 

B Bench
Next to the new Gardenias collection, I loved the B bench system based on the iconic Barcelona Chair by Industrial designer Konstantin GrcicThe B Bench features the distinctive crossing legs of the 1929 Mies van der Rohe original but is reinterpreted as a flexible, modular system that can be of any length from a one-seater chair up to a six-metre bench, with or without armrests. It can be upholstered or left as bare aluminium and is suitable for use indoors or outdoors. I personally am a big fan of furniture that can be used both in and outside. 

pictures courtesy Red | 4-7 © Vosgesparis

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