Graphic lines X DIY with greens

I read this article at the TineK blog the other day and loved the mood board made by Stine Albertsen combining graphic lines with natural materials. She is using small twigs framed in metal frames in combination with the graphic lines from napkins, while placemat and greens add a natural touch. After the framed feathers and the botanic trend that is still going strong, and the taxidermy, not my favourite to be honest! I noticed many framed greens at the moment. 

My all time favourite frames are those made of stainless steel by Lola & Kate, but most Interior brands are selling beautiful brass and copper frames like the ones in the picture below by TineK that you could use to frame a small leave or branch… scroll down for a beautiful DIY teaching you to make another piece of art with greens for your home.

DIY project by Mette of Monsterscircus
Now this project really caught my eye! On Mette of Monstercircus created a beautiful art piece using green palm leaves and a simple wooden frame. Check out the complete tutorial on how to make this for your own home on her blog: Petal to the Metal DIY with Moebe

pictures 1-3 TineK | 4-5 Monstercircus