ENCLOSE Exhibition | Norm Architects X Nordkraft Paris

Lets stay in France today with some more stories from Paris, where Norm Architects have created a retrospective design installation showcasing  their collaborations with Menu and &tradition over the last years. Many highlights from the last years can be found in Nordkraft’s showroom in Paris. Supplied with exclusive design collaborations with Paper Collective, Dinesen and Sørensen Leather.

For this exhibition, Norm Architects have designed four sculptural pieces as a continuation of their work with abstract architectural pavilions in The Village, &tradition’s showroom in Copenhagen, each minimised to their absolute minimum with its own function and way of challenging how the body experience space.

Paper Collective was asked to work with them for this exhibition on designing isometric projections of the wooden sculptures into graphic posters printed on structured paper with a transparent varnish that reflects with every movement.
Together with Sørensen Leather, Norm Architects designed five leather lamps for the exhibition. By placing several lamps together a large light sculpture is shaped while the cords, inspired by fine leather bracelets, have become part of the lamp.

Stay tuned for an exclusieve interview with Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, one of the founders of Norm architects, on my friend Anna Gustafson’s blog, La Maison d’anna G

Nordkraft Paris
20,rue Lucien Sampaix
75010 Paris
Opening hours;
wednesday – Sunday 11:30-19:30
exhibition till October 11