September 28, 2015


Last week I promised to show you more about the bags shown in my post about Ashes to Snow. Inspired by both Dutch design and Asian culture, ANTS. brings a mixture of practicality and cool aesthetics, with an interesting balance between dark influences and a touch of humour while transcending gender-based and seasonal boundaries in fashion. Unique products produced in limited editions by passionate local craftsmen.

ANTS. is founded by Anneloes van Osselaer who graduated cum laude at AMFI Fashion Design was the winner of 'De Lichting' of 2008. After working several years in the Netherlands she moved to Beijing to work for the Asian department of an Scandinavisch fast fashion brand. Being a fan of black bags and fashion items, I was impressed by the pieces I saw at Ashes to snow and had to show some more of them on the blog.

photography via ANTS. with thanks | picture 4-5 by vosgesparis


jose antonio miragaya lopez said...

¡Fant├ísticos ambientes! Con un toque muy personal. Gracias por compartirlos con todos/as.

Emma said...

Some of these bags are amazing! I really like huge bags because..well I use them for grocery shopping! :)

Anonymous said... where can we buy these...?

vosgesparis said...

@lizzy bags are available at Ashes to Snow in Amsterdam or by sending a PM to the ANTS facebook page

Tia Barker said...

First sorry for the English that I will use but my french in a bit rusty.
These are amazing photos and kind of spooky. But I really love these bags :)