Couleur Locale Interior X Autumn colours

How do you like this cozy autumn home, earthy tones and handmade products from natural materials and stunning photography by Serge Anton on the walls. Another example of how your home can look and feel if you keep it basic and decorate with selected products from far away countries.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you might recognize Couleur Locale in these pictures, as they are the place to shop for handcrafted goods with a stylish and contemporary look. So either if you like a home like the one on the pictures or just want to decorate a corner, Couleur Locale is the place to be. 

Couleur locale Interior‘ is the brand new store of the team and will open it’s doors during the openings weekend on Saturday October 31, Sunday November 1st in Knokke, Belgium, In the store you will also find the work of Serge Anton! Meanwhile you can also visit the Antwerp store or visit Couleur Locale online

Photography Jeroen van der Speck | Styling Cleo Schleuderman