Dutch Design week 2015 | Lidewij Edelkoort X Kazerne

This weekend I visited Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and with the Limburg Design tour and a trip to Norway shortly before that, I had no time to look into the program at all and was really happy to be asked to be one of the Dutch design week 2015 bloggers. I couldn’t be more happier as with that came a fully day program made by Willemijn de Wit & Ulrike Jurklies of Dutch Design Week, thank you girls!

My day started with a meetup in the press room and a tour through Yksi by one of the founders Leonne Cuppen, the Yksi foundation is dedicated to Dutch Design with as parts Yksi Expo and the Yksi online shop. For DDW the work of young, recently graduated talents and established designers were presented, next to the colourful #Orchids installation by Ulrike and Willemijn that showed the process of lost and mourning. 

I loved the examples of social design and their work, and was happy to see also Pols Potten was part of that exhibition. Find my favourites of Yksi and the other exhibitions I visited at my DDW Pinterest album

On the blog I love to show you some of my favourites as well and I loved visiting Kazerne an amazing concept that opened in October 2014 where the world of art, design, knowledge and technique comes together with good food and drinks in a former military police barracks and adjoining warehouse.

The industrial character of the building, the black chairs by Maarten Baas, the customized tables, the art installations and exhibition ‘Open Ended‘ by Lidewij Edelkoort, together with the enthusiasm and sparkle in the eye of Annemoon Geurts who is one of the initiators of the concept together with Koen Rijnbeek, made visiting the Kazerne the highlight of my day. 

At Kazerne they bring art and design together, you eat surrounded by design, and I had a great lunch together with Annemoon Geurts and Wendy from Beeldsteil getting really distracted by all the beauty I saw and the idea there was so little time to really absorb it all and make millions of pictures. Next year you can also sleep in their new to open Boutique hotel at Kazerne.
Eigen Huis & Interieur was present at Kazerne with an exhibition by Piet Paris. Find my favourites of Dutch Design week at my DDW Pinterest album and enjoy the pictures of ‘Open Ended’ and Kazerne. I will definitely be back here! 

pictures 1-4 ©vosgesparis | 5-12 ©Kazerne by Ruud Balk