TRAVEL | Music Essentials by Bolia X And a Weekend bag by HOPE

When travelling I always try to have a short break after a busy day just before dinner, a comfortable hotel room of course is really important but I am not at all into televisions and hardly never put them on, instead I love to listen to some music, read some mails or do some writing in advance.

With two short trips coming up this month I was really pleased to receive some beautiful travel essentials. The small JOY music box by Bolia I found in the goodie bag, is really cute and handy for travellers. Not only is it small and lightweight, it has a beautiful white rubber surface and next to playing your favourite music it can also charge your mobile phone. 

Remember I wrote about my old red suitcase and showing you my travel wish list? | Essentials wish list HOPE X RIMOWA and This is Ground | I am really happy to try out the beautiful Weekend bag by HOPE for my trips to Belgium and Norway. I love to travel light and this bag will be big enough for the most essential things and my laptop. 

Like most of you I love to collect beautiful magazines and when being abroad I always have a look at the bookstore. I not only buy them because of their great images, I love to find some cute new coffee and shopping places I can try out as well. In Norway we will also do some trips to the Fjords, I can’t wait to see them for real and be surrounded by nature again… because reading beautiful magazines is one thing, but nothing can beat the actual experience.
pictures & styling by Desiree | with thanks to HOPE and Bolia