TRAVEL | Norway in a nutshell X Fjordtrip

Words, nor pictures can really describe the beautiful day I had visiting the Fjords. As I child I loved to draw and after learning about and viewing pictures of the Fjords and the Vikings, I drawed mountains and Viking boats on the water for ages. The Norway in a Nutshell (simply showing you some of the best parts Norway has to offer) was definitely something I loved to experience. 

I posted some pictures during the trip on Instagram already, thank you for all your lovely comments! and as my blog is also a kind of memory book for myself I love to post some more pictures today. The actual Fjord trip starts at Gudvangen but we started our roundtrip early morning at Bergen’s NSB Station where we took the train to Voss. A row of busses was waiting to bring us to Gudvangen to start our actual Fjord trip on the water.

Gudvangen reminded me of Switzerland… fresh air, great views and a sneak peek over the water and into the Fjord. We stayed for some time to make pictures and of course there were the usual souvenir shops and coffee corners. There is also a really small hotel, that you could stay in when you love to maybe bike or walk in the mountains.

So off we went on the boat from Gudvangen to Flåm, with two cold decks and comfortably and warm couches inside. I think every season gives you another experience, and ours might have been a bit cold due the time of the year but October seemed to be a lovely time as well due the many beautiful autumn colours giving a total different view on the mountains. 

This trip takes you through some of Norway’s most beautiful breathtaking UNESCO-protected fjord scenery and I thought it was amazing to see the reflection of the mountains, of which some covered in snow, in the clear water. 

Arriving at Flåm it was time for a coffee break before taking the Flåm Railway to Myrdal where our train back to Bergen was waiting for us. Flåm Railway (Flamsbana) is a spectacular train journey build in 1923, and known as one of the most beautiful in the world, the inside interior of the train wagons seems to have never changed since then except for the monitors maybe, giving info on the journey and historical background during the 20 kilometer trip.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Travel journey on the blog, next week I will show you some more of Bergen Designstory and the lovely designers I met in Bergen. If you would like more info on visitint Bergen or making one of these trips yourself please have a look at the Bergen Tourist board website, as some of the attractions might be closed for the season. 
Pictures and words by Vosgesparis | With thanks to Visit Norway and Bergen Tourist board | Find more on instagram under #visitBergen #visitNorway