Greens at home | ‘Vitamine plant’ launch at Hutspot Amsterdam

In January this year I made some new years resolutions and one of them was to bring more greens into my home. I think I more or less sticked to my plan and my home is definitely getting greener. I am enjoying the contrast between the plants and the concrete and black and withe of my home.

When it comes to plants I guess I am a bit of a lazy busy person and I need to find the plants that suit my lifestyle. When I still had a cat, see the pretty fellow here looking totally confused, I had people to look after him but I kind of forgot to ask someone to look after my plants when being in Spain for two weeks this Summer. Although not every plant survived my cacti and succulent collection is slowly growing, and I even remember to give them a drip of water now and then. Recently I also added some pretty Ogreen plants to my collection.

The Vitamine plant for men
With ‘The Vitamine plant for men’ recently launched a new concept to inspire men to add more green into their homes. A line of five plants in sturdy old apothecary jars that are considered to be easy maintaining, I think they all look really nice in their special jars. 

Curious to get to know the five plants, here they are Ficus ‘Anouk’, Coffea arabica, Agave, Myrtillocactus and the Sarracenia. During the launch at Hutspot we got to see all the plants, had some drinks and bites, watched the small advertising video, and got to take some vitamine plants home how do you think they fit my home?

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