November 10, 2015

Rick Owens store & Fashion designer Vibe Johansson | #Instalove

Another discovery through my Instagram account, Copenhagen based fashion designer Vibe Johansson designs geometric garments interacting seamlessly with our anatomy, pictured below, and follow Vibe here on Instagram.

I love to follow some fashion brands and fashion bloggers on Instagram, something different from all the interior shots in my daily feed. Some feeds are real eye candy, mostly because they are in beautiful black and white shots. 

I am also a great fan of the feed of the Milan store of Rick Owens I posted some pictures on the blog before after visiting the store in Milan, find them here on Instagram. I would love some recommendations from you on which designers or fashion bloggers to follow on Instagram and maybe you like to share your thoughts in the comment section under the post. 

pictures 1 © Instagram feed of Rick Owens Milan store | 2-3 © Vibe Johansson |  #instalove


Gemma said...

I'm not familiar with this Danish designer but he seems to be very talented. He's well representing Scandinavian garment design, although he's little bit too extreme and reminds me more of a Icelandic's E-label brand.

Imane Giu said...

I recommend you the website and the Instagram of the french label AFTERHOMEWORK(Paris) :)