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With less then 20 days left of 2015 it’s almost time to look back, it has been a good year and I enjoyed  ‘almost’ every minute of it. One of the things I really loved and am really thankful for were the opportunities I got to travel to different countries. I am still dreaming of Iceland which was one of the countries I really fell in love with, I felt so happy in sunny Spain, loved to travel with my daughter again to Norway and had a great time not even that far away in Belgium.

Collecting memories 
I recently got the chance to try out Bundle, the was APP launched a few months ago, and gives you the change to bundle pictures you and friends or family made at the same event or holiday. I made a few bundles of my trips, and invited my daughter to join the Norway bundle. Without sending over pictures we now both have all pictures we made saved together in one place!

Receive a free Bundle Book
Recently Bundle added a new service to their APP, t
he possibility to make a 48 pages Bundle Book directly with the APP itself, and I thought it was a great way to actually save some of the pictures from this years trips!

It arrived in one day only and I love the look and feel of it. If you like sharing and see your pictures print on paper you might like to download the free APP and make a few bundles and Bundle Books yourself! 

From December 10 Bundle is giving away 100.000 free Bundle Books to old and new users of their APP (normal price €9,95 ex shipping) Simply download Bundle for iPhone or Bundle for Android and start making – and printing – Bundles. 

photography vosgesparis | written in collaboration with Bundle