Triple Pink | Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance

Triple Pink is the brainchild of Stella Maye, a label for the sophisticated and ambitious woman with her high heels’ firmly on the ground. A label for the woman who is not afraid to create its own identity.

She describes herself as a woman who knows what she wants, which is to design an easy-to-wear with a ‘flirty touch’ label. “I enjoy products in its purest form, but also of unexpected combinations and the use of natural materials with sleek lines. I design only what I would love to wear myself” By staying close to herself, she created a timeless mix of functionality and attitude…. all products are produced in the Netherlands and most of them are in black leather which, you could have guessed, I really like myself!

At the moment the S/S16 collection is being photographed, so stay tuned… I have been told that refusing a whit lining, all bags will have a flashlight keychain! For now some of my current favourites from the ‘City Chic’ and ‘Backstage’ collection.

photography ©Triple Pink | Opening shot by Natasja van der Woude