STRING | New collection

This week I booked my first tickets and like every year I will spending a few days in Milan to see all things new, hot and happening! Major interior brands are sending their press releases around and yesterday was no exception, as a blogger I love to receive them but to be honest I am not really impressed by product pictures, even if the product itself is amazing. I love to style and I love to look at beautiful styled pictures. No wonder it was an email from String that caught my eye!

In their new catalogue Swedish String shows examples of different rooms to show how the String shelving system fits in every room of your home. There are some changes like the new replacement of all articles in birch with ash, and the regular lacquered black with a new, black stained ash which I really love.  

String Pocket Copper will be discontinued but there will be a String Pocket with oak shelves and white panels, a great combination if you ask me. A few more changes can be found in new shelf sizes and colours and practical “organizers” in different colours like grey, white, black and yellow.

  pictures ©String | Styling Lotta Agaton