Barn conversions and 1m2 stairs in small apartments

This old barn has been completely renovated and I love how many of the old elements are left in sight, brick walls just add something extra to a home that has been modernised. With the old details still in sight, you can almost feel the history of the building and imagine how people lived and worked here earlier.

Especially the combination of different materials such as brick walls, concrete floors, and oak stairs by EeStairs made up of a mix of floating treads and fully supported treads, quite a challenge considering the existing barn walls not being straight, make this barn into a cozy home to live in. I personally like the use of different materials like in this barn renovated by Spratley Studios and in my own apartment every room has plastered white walls and a piece of the original concrete wall in sight, I often get emails about this asking whether I used a particular paint or wallpaper.

Always intrigued by renovations, I have been watching Grand design for years admiring the many different homes and getting inspiration from what people can archive with hard work and the right suppliers and building materials.

Efficient 1m2 stairs in smaller apartments
Compared to this barn my own house isn’t that big and my hall relatively small, the home below seems like one open space and not have a hall at all! Although the sitting area certainly looks spacious, the owners opted for a stair that occupies the smallest possible floor area of 1m2.
The stairs are integrated in a storage unit designed by AEON Architects, a clever and efficient solution if you do not want to loose space, because also the floor opening can be as small as 1m2. For this they used stairs that are made from steel and are produced in the shape of a spiral by EeStairspractical and stylish for smaller rooms, apartments and studios like this one. Steel is an amazing product that I really love because of it’s industrial character, these are available in any ral colour.

guess I have always secretly dreamed about building a home or renovate an existing building, and collected many pictures of old garages and industrial buildings and stairs like the ones above here in my Pinterest album.
Photography 1-5 EeStairs | 6 Bungalowclassic | written in collaboration with #EeStairs