Fish & Fish by Paola Navone X Serax

Early 2015 Merci launched ‘Hareng’ a book written in collaboration with it’s artistic director Daniel Rozensztroch. He also unveiled his personal collection of herring ceramic containers from 1860 to the 1950’s. Just like Paola Navone, Daniel is a great collector of things. In a Merci pop-up store in Amsterdam we once could admire one of his collections. If you are interested to see more of Merci and how I captured it during the years look here and here is a post by Holly of Decor8 visiting Merci and talking with Daniel in this blogpost.

One of Paola’s trademarks is a fish, that often comes back in several of her designs, Point Yamu hotel being a great example but also last year in Milan she designed several fish for the Linteloo showroom including some other iconic pieces, have a look here if you missed it.For Paris design week Merci combined both the book and a new tableware collection Paola designed for Serax where the designer puts herrings on the menu with Fish & Fish. Inspired by the tastes and colours of her many travels and the products made during the Great Depression in the 1930’s.

The platters, jars and bottles, Merci calles them wodka carafes, are made of pressed glass and available in Jadeite (green), Milk Glass (white) and Depression Glass (transparent) Completed by large hammered aluminium platters, all in the form of this delicious fish and stamped “Herring bar.” In addition to the service, the eye-catcher on every table this spring, the Italian designer has brought out a collection of seats and side tables. Fine lines in lacquered white metal define the different objects.  


Pictures  ©Serax