Space-saving bathroom solutions with shelves

When travelling one of the things I enjoy most are the spacious bathrooms in the different hotels, like the beautiful blue bathroom in the Praktik Garden this last Summer in Spain, and not to speak about the freestanding baths in some hotels. Although most of the rooms in my own home are really spacious for the apartment it is, my bathroom is relative small with a shower area, a sink and my least favourite but needed device, the washing machine. I can only dream about having a bathroom with a bath and plenty of space to hang cabinets or a large shelf for all my bathroom accessories that at the moment are squeezed into a small cabinet, lying around on top of the washing machine or on the floor while having a shower. 

Over the years I have used several triangular shelves in my bathroom, mostly from our Swedish friend. Every now and then I change them because they became rusty over the time and thanks to the not so brilliant idea of changing the screw points every few years, I now have a row of holes between the tiles as well. Time to look for something new and I believe the space shaving and stainless steel Shangle shelves might be just the right ones for my shower area.

I guess many of you, just like me would love a larger bathroom and can drool over pretty pictures but sometimes I am just looking for a good solution and a ‘no-fuss’ application for my bathroom that, most important, I won’t have to change every time. The Shangle shelves come in four different shapes, but I am looking at the triangular one for myself, and the best news probably is, I can simply seal it in the corner with bathroom sealant. In my Pinterest boards I shared many bathroom ideas already but here are some more storage ideas for your pretty bathroom accessories.

space saving shangle® shelf
Build in tiled shelves or the black shelves below offer lots of space for everything. If you keep your daily things near the sink these neatly organized trays might be the thing for you. If you have more space in your bathroom a small hanging cabinet could be a solution for everything you don’t need in the shower area or right next to your bath.

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