Up in the sky by Rossana Orlandi | Milan design week 2016

Up In the Sky is the first public interior project curated by Rossana Orlandi and it took place in one of the exclusive penthouses of the Residences designed by Daniel Libeskind at CityLife, something totally different to go see whilst being in Milano where normally a visit to Galleria Rossana Orlandi is on the list. It has become quite common nowadays, to bring different brands together in an apartment like setting, often with a fictive person in mind who lives there.

The apartment curated by Rossana Orlandi showed a mix of elements of industrial design by the most cutting edge brands together with pieces of designers from the selection of Galleria Rossana Orlandi like Os and Oos, Matteo Casalegno, Jacopo Foggini, Nika Zupanc, Nacho Carbonell, Oskar Zieta, Erik Olovson and Kyuhyung Cho, Laurence Humier, Umzikim, Hillsideout, Germans Ermics and many others. I only know a few of those names but I will let the pictures speak, let me know what you think, more about the gallery can be found on Rossana Orlandi’s website.

pictures © vosgesparis