Furnishing Utopia | Norm Architects

It’s always a pleasure to show the work and pictures of one of my favourite designer and architects on the blog. Today I love to show you some pictures of Norm Architects Copenhagen based Studio but first their latest collaboration. 

Furnishing Utopia is a collection of 30+ Shaker inspired objects and Norm Architects is one of the 11 design studio’s, channeling the Shaker aesthetic into modern forms relevant to contemporary life. Shaker style is all about leaving out the unnecessary and design in it purist form.

Simple, minimalistic forms and geometrical purity are also part of most of Norm Architects design and for this collection they tried to simplify the baskets and trays they were inspired by even more then the Shakers did. The result are 3 trays in different sizes and forms that can be, typical Shaker style, hang on the wall. The pieces will be shown alongside original artefacts from the Hancock Shaker village Museum at The Grace Building, 15th floor, 1114 Ave of the Americas, New York.

Norm Architect’s Studio in Copenhagen

pictures © Norm Architects