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I love to show you some more details of the Boffi and De Padova collection and the new Boffi store in Rotterdam. Founded in 1934 by Piero Boffi as a small kitchen brand Boffi has become an icon of innovation and design for kitchen and bathroom. Next to the high end kitchen and bathrooms a wardrobe line was added to the collection in 2010 and with the Scandinavian furniture line of De Padova the store in Rotterdam offers a complete lifestyle concept.

De Padova is part of Boffi since last year and like I said in my previous post |BOFFI Studio | Store opening Rotterdam| the corner with their shelving system is one of my favourites. The shiny handmade baked clay tiles are by Domenico Mori and are simply beautiful in combination with the black De Padova shelving system.
These portraits are a good example of the typical Boffi styling, where old objects are used in combination with the contemporary look of the wardrobe kitchens and bathrooms.

A large sitting corner with Da Padova furniture including some comfortable square 16 couches.

Whenever writing about kitchens or bathrooms I mostly talk about the atmosphere, styling and decoration and it’s not very often I show faucets and things, I do love a nice black, or matte stainless steel look though and the tap in the picture above did caught my eye, as did the tap in the picture below, the tiny tiles in the picture are made out of glass and really beautiful, read more about the material here: Mosaicomicro and have a look at the pictures.

pictures by Boffi | Picture 2 / 9 by Vosgesparis
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Written in collaboration with Boffi & Dis Studio