Piet Boon Inspiration Book launch and new collection

Studio Piet Boon is the fourth and latest edition to the internationally renowned book series by the Amsterdam based design studio. For this latest edition creative director Interior & Styling, Karin Meyn, selected eight extraordinary design creations. A mix of product, private and corporate total concept project gems that share the same creative signature.

I had the pleasure to attend the book launch in Milan during a delicious energy breakfast served at the showroom just around the corner of our apartment. We had a sneak peek of the new book and got a cute limited edition mini version of our real copy that came in the mail a few weeks later. More about the book at the end of this post, let’s have a look at the new collection and showroom first!

Of course I took the opportunity to have a look at the new collection as well, Karin gave me a little tour through the showroom where the new Bo Sofa took up a large part of the space. The BO sofa is both rich in comfort and versatility, its rounded shape and the comfortable and flexibel seating elements can be placed in any social setting giving the sofa its amiable character. I especially liked the soft fabrics used for the sofa above, Bo sofa is available in different colours based on the human skin and also in leather.

RAAF table is the bold new addition to the current dining series, I thought the chairs had some great details and the colours were just beautiful.

KEKKE mirror owes his name from the characteristic Studio Piet Boon Kekke shape, a series of dining tables: KEKKE and is available in different sizes. 

Studio Piet Boon book

Studio Piet Boon has a rich history of many and beautiful projects all over the world, from hotels, to private homes, restaurants, apartments and entire neighborhoods, have a look at their different projects here. The inspiration book offers a closer look into the many projects as well as the Piet Boon furniture and kitchen concepts, you might remember this beautiful kitchen post I made some time ago?

The 288 pages book written in English, can be ordered here and the first 100 buyers will receive a signed copy by Piet Boon. | ISBN: 978 90 8989 662 9  

pictures ©Studio Piet Boon | except for the picture of the mini version of the book