A Sidney home in Black and White by Pamela Makin

I came across another beautiful interior by one of my favourite designers Pamela Makin. Pamela is a real queen of black and white and you will almost never find another colour in the homes she designs. Once you got the know her work you will recognize it immediately as it is full of contrasts, both in palette and texture, she perfectly combines old and contemporary items and always adds just the right amount rough and soft. 

The homeowners off this renovated cottage in Sidney walked into Pamela’s store to find some inspiration for their home and were sold the minute they walked in and asked Pamela to redecorate their whole home. Pamela painted the home throughout including the floors in white and walls in either white or black and the garden was redone by Peter Fudge gardens to match the new interior.

Some of the old furniture was painted to match and Pamela added a contemporary floor lamps and a streamlined sofa to add a contrast between old and new. With mirrors she made the place look bigger and by adding tribal artworks and elements she added a soft touch. 

Photography by Felix Forest