DCW Editions Paris | Lampe Mantis

It’s not everyday that pictures of a home make me wonder about specific details, as most of the time I recognize the individual brands in people’s home. I was really impressed by the home I showed a few weeks ago though | A minimalistic and relaxing home in Copenhagen | and especially loved the lamps in the kitchen and sitting area, and the coffee table, more about that another time. 

To find out more about the lamps I did some ‘research’ and found out the lamp is Lampe Mantis by DCW-editions, the same company of Lampe gras , that I am pretty sure you know, I photographed the iconic lamp here at one of the Loft editions in Amsterdam some time ago.

DCW began by producing the work of the inventor Bernard-Albin Gras and the Gras lamp, the starting point for modern lighting, and the 20th Century’s first articulated lamp, much lauded at the time by Le Corbusier. In 2013 they bring out Bernard Schottlander’s Mantis lamp, how do you like this lamp? 

Pictures via DCW