Inspiration for your home | Botanic prints for plant lovers

The green trend is still going strong, but unfortunately we do not all have enough time or knowledge to really get into it and let plants become part of our home. I used to have a real green home ages ago and never even thought to much about it… and I don’t know if plants have just become weaker but today it almost seems like rocket science to have them at home and keep them alive.

The good thing is that many cool initiatives arose with the urban jungle trend becoming more populair, did you already joined the Urban Jungle bloggers, a monthly series by 2 fellow blogger friends of mine? With my furniture changing into more black pieces lately, I added more plants to my home again, I am really happy actually with keeping a few alive finally, most plants do need some time and attention… or neglection in my case.

If you are not that good in keeping your plants alive either the botanic plant series by Studio Joop might be the thing for you. Since 2015 the label owned by Anniek Beije is growing into a green and creative workspace, a mishmash of styling, graphic design, concepts and photography ‘plant series’ is a mixture of different botanical prints that are perfect for everyone that likes to be surrounded by plants, but somehow can’t seem to keep them alive

pictures ©Studio Joop