Botanic shelf By Riikka Kantinkoski & Pinja Rouger

I am looking into some simple shelving system lately, as I think it could be the solution for bringing together the different objects styled throughout my home, I love the different corners but sometimes I think an object I love to put on display might even look better when not surrounded by to many other things. During my search I came across the Botanic shelf by Riikka Kantinkoski and Pinja Rouger.

The system that consists of an oak frame and variable brass sheet shelves can function as a traditional book shelf, but also as a room divider. Seeing the brass brough back some memories of me and Riikka strolling through Modular in Berlin, a shop for designers, makers and crafts, for way to long drooling over all the brass and copper. With it´s customizable structure the BOTANIC shelf offers space and support to plants creating a shelving system different from all other.

photography Riikka Kantinkoski