Maarten Baas Makes Time | Dutch design week 2016

The good thing of Dutch design week is there is so much to see, but the worst is also knowing when you spend some time at one place you are missing out tons of other places. To be honest I gave up wanting to see everything whenever visiting a design event and just enjoying the moment. One of the highlights of my first day at this years Dutch Design week was the exhibition, entitled: Maarten Baas Makes Time. The exhibition features many works by the designer himself accompanied by work and pieces by a lively collection of artists, designers, photographers, performers and top chef, Sergio Herman.

Maarten Baas: “The idea behind MBMT is to show how design can represent a unifying factor between the different creative disciplines. So it’s really cool and such an honour that it’s become a true collaboration between so many diverse talents.”

“What it is? It’s everything and nothing. An experiment, an experience…whatever you want to call it: 15 Years of MAARTEN BAAS, the preview to a book, the premiere of a new collection, a restaurant… I think it’s a soup more than anything else. A soup that symbolises this hotchpotch I’ve created here!”











Held in the VDMA building in Eindhoven’s city centre, the MBMT exhibition, in collaboration with the Dutch Design Foundation, consists of a collection of BAAS’ key works, a collaborative section of pieces by other creative talents centred around the theme of time, and a temporary restaurant, conveniently situated in a tent at the centre of the exhibition. BAAS is setting the table with his own china and silverware and the menu contains a selection of signature dishes by Sergio Herman. The temporary restaurant was made in collaboration with creative companies such as Cor Unum, Exposize, Vlisco en Serax.

Tables at the restaurant were fully booked in no time. However, visitors to Dutch Design week need not despair: there will be a soup hut, also designed by MAARTEN BAAS, located in the square in front of the VDMA building, where the visiting public can enjoy a cup of soup made by none less than Sergio Herman.

Pictures © vosgeparis