Styling for Olsson & Jensen

I love to stroll through lookbooks, especially when there’s put some real effort into the styling, pictures are great for showing a simple table or piece of ceramic in a lifestyle setting. What I find even more interesting though is that when showing the product in an unexpected setting, I can even dream away by a table, like in the picture above, that in the first place when seeing it as a  simple product picture or modern surrounding would not have caught my attention.

The old floor and distressed wall put the table in a total different perspective for me and I simply love this picture, just like the one below that also has a certain glam and drama in it. I have no idea who the stylist is (although I have an idea) but if you happen to know please do tell. Thanks  so much!

I am a fan of ceramic and before showing some new finds from Helsinki, hope you liked my posts so far, I love to show you some black ceramic. All products and pictures are found in the lookbook of Swedish design company Olsson & Jensen.

pictures © Olsson & Jensen