An EVE mattress for my guest room

Lots of happy family related news lately, read engagements and moving houses, and the need of a guest bedroom at my home. I was cool with creating a small bedroom corner, because it gives me the opportunity to move furniture around and decorate, something I really enjoy. 

Sometimes all pieces just seem to fall together in some way and this time they really did, because just at the right moment I got an email from EVE about their new mattresses, and as I needed an extra one for the guest room the decision to order a king-size mattress was quickly made. Together with new cushions and a fresh blanket perfect to create that boutique hotel feel and offer my guests a comfertable room while staying at my home.

A new way of shopping
Ordering your mattress online is a great way of shopping, Eve Mattress is a company that sells online only and the bed came delivered in a compact box. For a moment I thought I ordered the wrong size, but the mattress is compressed, vacuum sealed, and neatly rolled in a box. Luckily for my guests it’s also super comfy, giving them that luxury feel of an hotel bed while staying at my home.

Getting a mattress online is a really quick and free hassle way to get a project done, or settling into a new home really fast, no strolling through huge stores not knowing what to choose and especially if you have your bedroom upstairs really easy to get the mattress upstairs first and unfold it in the room. If you might have any doubts you would love to hear you can try out the mattress at home for a 100 days! Meanwhile my guests are enjoying the room and their little green corner. 

This post was in association with Eve Mattress // Thank you for your support