A black Studio in San Francisco

Hello on this first Monday morning in December and sorry the silence this last week, as you might have guessed I was in lost in my creative bubble and busy starting up my Cologne project for Januari at IMM. Days seemed to have way to little hours at the moment, but I did made some new pictures after making my living a bit decent again this morning as it kind of looked exploded this last week.

I secretly liked this creative bubble, but it was time to unpack some of the cute new purchases I got myself for this winter. I love this time of the year and, with a couch full of blankets and a rug or two to keep my feet warm, it can’t be dark and cozy enough for me inside now winter is here, probably why I choose to show this beautiful black studio in San Francisco, found on Remodelista on the blog today. 

Photography by Laure Joliet, courtesy of Nicole Hollis. More pictures at Remodelista