A state of transition and bringing in colour with Elvang

With a home in monochrome tones and replacing lots of white an greyish furniture by darker pieces lately, my home seems in a continuing state of transition. Maybe it is because of creating a space where I could experiment with colours but I feel attracted to darker earthy colours lately, nothing spectaculair as I am playing save with some browns, cognac, like the leather chair I added to the living, and greens but I feel I am drifting away from black & white only.

I guess I accepted that inner struggle inside of me between light and dark and dropped the idea I have to decide what I love most. I will just go with the flow by adding more earthy tones, it is something I want to try out at home and see where it brings me and if I can find a balance. And beside of that I just love to create and play with furniture, objects and accessories.

Easy when it comes to textiles and paint, with throws and cushions you can quickly create a different mood and even a new colour on the wall does the trick. At ShowUp a Dutch trade show, I got to know Elvang Denmark, and going through their catalog I found some really nice pictures of their 2017 home collection, a short impression with some colour combinations that caught my eye, next to a good dose of black and white of course.

pictures via Elvang Denmark