Inspiring spaces and a new style at home

Call me crazy but I really love the pictures of the raw space below that has to become the new home of Nobis Hotel in Copenhagen. I guess it is the blanc canvas and the promising light coming through the windows that made me fall in love. I am curious to see what the future will bring and if those beautiful ceilings will remain intact, I truly hope so.

I am getting so inspired by these spaces and can see a beautiful Parisian like space, I miss Paris and would love to wander a few days through the city again. With about to lay a dark floor at home I think a lot about Paris these days, because even the few meters I am looking at now at home remind me of Parisian apartments and the stores I love.

I showed a lot of Parisian apartments on the blog over the last ten years, I especially loved the home of Daniel Rozentroch I recently saw at Marie Claire Maison, it is a bit the same kind of home of Paola Navone in Paris, have a look in the sidebar of the blog to see her home(s). I just really love this style, although the Parisian apartment of Daniel is a bit to full for my taste.

I love my home to be more minimalistic, the picture above seems like the perfect blanc canvas, it is hard to find beautiful homes with really dark floors, I would love to see some more to get inspired, but most I found were all over decorated. I guess my goal for the coming months will be to find a new style, what to leave out, what to bring back and what to bring in new to create something I feel comfortable with together with the dark floor I recovered from my stand at imm.

  pictures tornqvistm and nobis hotel

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