A new modular storage system for your home by Dutch Functionals

The first time I came across Functionals was at a Dutch interiors fair where they presented their Lloyd tables and benches, ever since I have been following the brand and digging through my folders I came across some pictures I made at Dutch Design week where they presented their new collection. In a former post I showed you the beautiful Miller chair  by Functionals and how I use it at home, have a look at the post here: Functionals| Miller chair 

They expanded their collection by introducing a new storage system ‘Ossa‘, designed by German design duo Geckeler Michels. Ossa has a Berlin vibe and is actually named after a street in Berlin, hometown of the designers. The duo got inspired by cardboard moving boxes, that can easily be folded and stacked. Modules are made of steel and come in different colours, on the side you can see a cut-out referring to the moving boxes, which make the module easy to carry around and create different combinations. 

There are no tools necessary to stack one module on top of another, giving you the freedom to frequently change your cupboard and create new combinations. I think it is great to be able to make a low cabinet against the wall for example and a few months later a bookcase or a freestanding room divider or block to showcase your collection of treasured objects.

New accessories
As seen in the detail shot above which I made at Dutch design week and in the picture below, the system will soon be expanded with accessories from felt, leather and wood, these will not only add an acoustic value but will also give you the possibility to personalize the modules even more.

I thought the combination above with the dark module and cognac leather looked really beautiful. Use ‘Ossa’ at home or like in the last picture at your office or workspace and create different cabinets depending on your needs.

pictures by vosgesparis // functionals